Premium nitrile rubber gloves, L

1990 Ft (nettó 1567 Ft)

  • Latex-free examination and protective gloves
  • Powder-free
  • Non sterile
  • Texturized on fingertips
  • Disposable
  • Class I, CAT III product with CE conformity certificate



EU-FIRE nitrile examination and protective gloves provide excellent protection against bacteria, viruses, fungus and other contaminants. The gloves are free from powder and latex, reducing the risk of skin irritation. The product is specifically recommended for customers who are allergic to latex materials. The shape is universal, meaning it can be used on both hands. The shank of the gloves is rolled to facilitate easy putting on and taking off. Fingertips have a textured surface to ensure a better grip during use. Can be used in both wet and dry working environments. It has the advantage over latex gloves of being resistant to various oils and greases.

The product guarantees safe and comfortable work, whether in the health sector, in laboratories, or in gastronomy or cosmetics. It is also excellent for fine mechanical and instrumentation work!

Choose the size that suits you best according to the instructions below:

As size directly affects safe working practices, it is important to choose the right size gloves. To find the right size glove for you, measure the width of your hand just above the thumb.
S: 80 ± 10 mm
M: 95 ± 10 mm
L: 110 ± 10 mm
XL: > 110 mm

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