Zazu hand sanitizer gel, 100 ml

239 Ft (nettó 188 Ft)



  • 100ml dispensing cap pack
  • Does not flow off the hand
  • Pleasant smell
  • Does not dry the skin even with prolonged use
  • Kills viruses, bacteria and fungi

Proper hygiene is an important step in maintaining our health. From our skin, pathogens can easily get into the body, causing various infectious diseases. The main goal is the prevention of diseases, in which Zazu can be of great help. Hand sanitizer containing alcoholic active ingredients with a wide antimicrobial spectrum. It is a Hungarian-made product made from domestic, natural ingredients, using green energy, which is gentle on the skin. Thanks to the production technology, it is free from unpleasant odors. It can be used without water, dries quickly, leaves no traces on surfaces.


Instructions for use, application parameters

  • The product should be applied concentrated, undiluted.

For hygienic hand disinfection

  • From the dispenser, 5 ml of the preparation is introduced into the palm, which is thoroughly rubbed into the skin of the hands for 30 seconds.
  • To achieve the HBV inactivating and tuberculocidal effect, a minimum of 1 minute of exposure time is required.

Surgical wash-in

  • From the dispenser, 5 ml of the preparation is introduced into the palms, which are thoroughly rubbed on the hands and forearms for 1 minute, after which the operation is repeated four more times.
  • Amount of disinfectant required for surgical washing: 5×5 ml = 25 ml
  • Time of surgical wash-in: 5 x 1 minute = 5 minutes

Skin disinfection

  • Before initiations, punctures, the skin area is treated with the disinfectant for 0.5 minutes of exposure.
  • Before surgical interventions, the time of skin disinfection is at least 3 minutes.
  • When disinfecting a skin area rich in sebaceous glands, the product should be applied with an exposure time of 10 minutes.

Surface disinfection

  • The product should be applied concentrated, undiluted.
  • Moisten the previously cleaned surface to be disinfected with the preparation so that untouched parts do not remain, and then let it dry.
  • Exposure time: 5 minutes. During the exposure time, the surface must be kept wet.