Needle drop box

790 Ft (nettó 622 Ft)

28 készleten


  • 2 liters
  • ergonomic handle
  • anti-outflow wings that prevent the outflow of waste
  • mechanism for releasing needles
  • maximum capacity level indicator
  • does not emit any harmful gases during combustion


  • EU-FIRE® needle drop boxes are made of completely environmentally friendly polypropylene
  • the boxes have a reinforced wall to prevent the needles from piercing out of the box
  • ergonomic design allows effective and safe work is carried out in the in laboratories, hospitals and in medical institutions
  • the boxes are fully autoclavable
  • the products are fully compliant with ADR and UN regulations
  • thanks to the handle easy to transport
  • due to the cover of red color well noticeable even from above
  • the yellow side is easily-noticeable in a faint illuminated operating room
  • plane surface makes it suitable for additional labelling
  • due to its square shape the product is space-saving, in warehouses well stored