Zazusept skin and surface disinfectant liquid – 500 ml spray nozzle

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  • When using biocides, be sure to be safe! Always read the label and instructions before use.
  • 500ml spray pack
  • 83% alcohol content
  • Suitable for both skin and surface disinfection
  • Kills viruses, bacteria and fungi
  • Spectrum of action: Bactericidal (including MRSA), Fungicide, Virucid, HepatitisB and HIV inactivator, Tuberculoid
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It can be used for professional and residential use, in medical institutions (hospitals, clinics, etc.) for injections and surgical skin area disinfection, hygienic hand disinfection, surgical hand disinfection and surgical washing. Due to its 83 % alcohol content, it is also suitable for surface disinfection. It is a Hungarian-made disinfectant made from domestic, natural ingredients, using green energy, which is gentle on the skin. Thanks to the production technology, it is free from unpleasant odors. It can be used without water, dries quickly, leaves no traces on surfaces.

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