Basic FFP2 NR face mask

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International shipping

Face mask designed and manufactured in Hungary and classified as personal protective equipment. Manufactured with special attention to non-contact, ensuring 100 percent effectiveness until the start of application. The mask adapts to the European head shape, is highly breathable, has excellent filtration and provides long-lasting, comfortable wear.

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Techical features

  • Material: 5-layer (outer and inner surface of non-woven polypropylene, inside three filter layers also made of polypropylene)
  • Ear strap material: rubber
  • Nose piece material: steel
  • Valve: none
  • Use: single use, non-washable
  • Usage time: NR marking, maximum 8 hours

Instructions for use:

  • Disinfect hands before applying the mask
  • When putting on the mask, pay particular attention that the mask covers the nose and mouth
  • Avoid touching the mask during use.