Custom order

Dear Customer!

In Hungary, the EU-Fire Group is the only manufacturer of nitrile gloves – and our group is also the only healthcare company that produces antimicrobial nitrile gloves. Our factory in Mátészalka has an annual glove capacity of several hundred million pieces, so you can order by the truckload and we will deliver within a short delivery time.

Our “custom order” service is recommended in two cases.

  • when ordering antimicrobial nitrile gloves, especially if it is a large order – to ensure that we can serve you despite the intense interest in this new generation of healthcare product
  • when ordering a significant quantity of nitrile gloves and/or antimicrobial nitrile gloves – we can offer a discount depending on the order size

The procedure is as follows: you indicate the products you are interested in from the list provided and we will send you the best possible price.

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